The Bare Root

Landscape Design from the Bottom Up

About Michael

MichaelMichael Glassman is an award-winning landscape designer with his own eponymous firm Michael Glassman & Associates based in Sacramento, California. He’s used to the many challenges Mother Nature and others present—no sun or shade, too much sun or wind, torrential rain, too much street noise or noisy neighbors, too steep a slope, no slope so a site is flat and boring, no room to build a desired lap pool, no time to tend to maintenance, not enough money to add the outdoor entertaining zone with a hot tub, hammock, and pizza oven so everyone can “staycation” at home. He’s also used to frantic calls from clients begging him to come fix a previously poorly planned project or deal with the aftermath of a storm.

And he’s also well versed in all the latest landscape trends from planting an edible, sustainable garden that will require the least amount of maintenance and water (though no garden is totally maintenance free, he advises), installing Zen-inspired plantings and accessories that inspire calm and matching the right garden décor to each house, climate, and site.


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